Falling Apart

Please forgive my absence over the past week. It is all because I am falling apart – literally.

Last Monday morning I woke up in Nantucket to the sun rising over the ocean. By Monday afternoon, I was laying on the doctor’s table at my dermatologist’s office getting “abnormal” cells removed. What I thought would be a simple procedure turned into 90 minute, 12 stitched and 2 weeks recovery. Yuck.

By Friday afternoon, I found myself in the dentist’s chair, getting my third wisdom tooth yanked out. Even though I was numb I was fully awake and conscious as my dentists pulled, drilled and pulled some more for a full 45 minutes. As th afternoon thunderstorms rolled through Manhattan, it made for quite the dramatic scene.

Matt spend the weekend in Las Vegas for his buddy’s bachelor party while I spent the weekend watching 3 seasons worth of Breaking Bad, doing arts and crafts and nursing myself back to health. Marriage is incredible.

So let’s all take a moment to blame Matt. Clearly it is his fault for my lack of blogging. Him and the fact that I am old and falling apart.