House Hunters Goes to Brooklyn

Matt and I have been watching a lot of House Hunters recently. Not only is this show entertaining but I consider it research. I’ve learned about curb appeal, the difference between Tudor and a modern contemporary style and that everyone wants an open concept floor plan. And its all been leading to this moment.

Now, let’s not get excited — we are not looking to buy a house. But we are ready to do what most newly married couples do when they live in New York…

Move to Brooklyn!

Matt and I have been talking about this for a while and both agree that this makes sense. And don’t worry — we will actually be closer to our favorite 3rd wheel, Kinsella, after the move. So after watching House Hunters nearly every night for a month, we figured we were ready. I spent a few hours on Craigslist, made a few appointments and took the subway over to Williamsburg.

Unfortunately, after looking at a couple places, the reality of the challenge set before us has set in. We’ve only seen a couple placing, but they are depressing. They are small. They are expensive. And we didn’t experience that magical feeling that overcomes the people on House Hunters every single episode.  I mean, you never see an episode where they hate all three options.

Maybe Matt and I need to apply to be on the show…. What do you think? Would we be entertaining enough for the HGTV audience? The good news is that once we do find a place, thanks to Design Star, I will certainly know how to decorate it!

If anyone has any apartment hunting advice – please let me know!

6 thoughts on “House Hunters Goes to Brooklyn

  1. Trulia has an app that makes it easier to narrow down prospects before hunting. Holy ny area is expensive! People seem to want a lot of money for their mess… However on the bright side – house hunting is so delicious when you finally find what you love! Hang in there?

  2. I know someone that was on Property Virgins. I don’t want to burst your bubble, but getting on the show involves pretending you are excited to see the place you’ve already purchased for “the first time”.

    1. In the future remind me never to let you around my children – you will probably tell them there is no Santa or Easter Bunny

  3. I’m addicted to all of the house hunting/renovating, buying, renting, decorating shows out there. It’s almost sad… especially cause I work in construction, it’s like WATCHING work, after work…. :)

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