Merriam Webster defines neglect as “to give little attention to” and “to leave undone or unattended especially through carelessness.”

I define neglect as “being too busy/lazy to blog for the past week.” Unfortunately, hitting control, alt, delete at the same time doesn’t bring me back to a week ago. But what I can do is write recaps of all of the exciting things in my life.

This reminds me of when I  was younger and we used to visit my grandparents in Florida. (Side note – my grandparents USED to be big time blog readers; however, they were angry with me for putting myself up for adoption and have ceased all comments. Let’s see if I can win them back!) Anyway, my grandparents used to watch The Young & the Restless pretty religiously back then. However, when we were in town they would get wrapped up in trips to the beach, Lion Country SafariDuBois Park and the Gardens Mall, and they would miss their regularly scheduled dose of drama. And this was before the days of DVR – if you missed it, you missed it.

I remember my grandmother would call some mysterious phone number that would give her a quick synopsis of the day’s episode. She would then relate that to my grandfather with just as much suspense and drama. Seeing this made me realize just how much my grandparents must love us. They gave up one of their favorite daily rituals to spend time with us!

So think of these next few posts as episode recaps. Only instead of hearing about the on goings on Jill Foster Abbott and Katherine Chancellor – you get to hear about me, Matt and some of our favorite people. It might not be as dramatic, but hopefully it is still entertaining.

One thought on “Neglect

  1. Still watching he Young and restless but now can tape it and watch at leisure. When we left Florida there still was NO ” The girls park”. Be sure we read all your blogs. Your second paragraph to-day explains the no comment issue.

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