Brooklyn Half Marathon


This weekend Matt and I participated in the Brooklyn Half Marathon. While both of us went best times, we both think we could have gone fast. However, I will fully admit that I was feeling pretty good about my personal world record. That is, until I saw the video of myself running…

Yes, New York Road Runners has moved beyond just pictures from races with videos from the finish and along the course. Wow – watching myself run on video certainly opened my eyed. I have to admit, I look very similar to Phoebe.

I made a not-so-graceful appearance at about 25 seconds on the right side of the screen wearing sunglasses, a purple tank top and black capri pants. I certainly welcome any advice, criticisms and funny jokes about my miniature stride!

Brooklyn Half Marathon

Looks like I still have a lot of work to do…

2 thoughts on “Brooklyn Half Marathon

  1. Don’t be so hard on yourself..not everything has to be perfect! Good for you & Matt for just getting out there and having fun together!
    Where it Matt’s video??

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