10 Things Guys Should Know by the Time They Turn 30

Yesterday’s post about the 5 Things Women Should Know By the Time They Turn 30 received a lot of comments – mostly positive. I decided to turn the tables today and tackle some of the life lessons being learned by my gentlemen readers.


Without further ado, I present, the 10 Things Guys Should Know by the Time They Turn 30:

  1. Even though she might offer, your mom shouldn’t be doing your laundry anymore.
  2. If you have a girlfriend or wife, don’t expect her to fulfill the role that your mother did for the first 21 years of your life. Despite what you might think, she isn’t there to do your laundry, cook you meals and clean up after you.
  3. Your refrigerator should contain more than PBR and Bud Light.
  4. You should know how to make at least 5 different dinners. And no, canned soup doesn’t count.
  5. Your body will not look like this forever. Please exercise, diet, and drink accordingly.
  6. By the time you are 30, if you decide to move, hire movers (don’t ask your brother, friend, co-worker to help you move. And certainly don’t ask your wife or girlfriend).
  7. Keg stands should only be done to teach your children.
  8. Out drinking you friends is no longer an accomplishment. However, cleaning the kitchen floor is.
  9. Despite the fact that you can produce children until your 80, your wife cannot.  It’s that time.
  10. Your wife/girlfriend is always right.

I am happy to report that Matt has learned nearly all of these lessons. I am still working on a few, but I am pretty sure by the time he turns 30, he will be on track!