Meet My New Mom


This comment was so good I decided it needed its own post:

I am officially applying for the position of adopted mother. Although I had not considered more children, your plea tugged at my heart strings. First and foremost, you are my favorite and always have been. Your sister is selfish to hog your birth parents like that. I promise I would never do that.

I have my cell beside my bed, so you can call me day or night. If I don’t answer on the first ring, I will by the third. I make the best chocolate chip cookies on the planet, just ask your new brother. I also like the idea that you are a married adult living away from home!!! This is so novel, I will want to visit you regularly, but especially for special occasions, birthdays, holidays, playoffs, NYC marathon, etc. I love to shop and spend time with my girls doing what they like, that brings joy to me. I must insist that when or if a grandchild arrives, I get to come and take care of both of you. I have my degree in early childhood education, so i am fully qualified to be baby opinionated like all great grandmas! Mostly I want a free place to stay while I’m in NYC, but would happily adopt you and welcome your husband into our family! xoxox

Love mom

PS- I miss you already :)

Thanks mom! You are the best. I can’t wait to meet you!

6 thoughts on “Meet My New Mom

  1. this is so sad that you could give me up so quickly!! i have enjoyed all our time together. birthing you, teaching you all the things you need to know, supporting your every endeavor, being there for you as you learned to walk, talk, read, be kind and friendly, accept defeat as well as success, watching you grown from an adorable little girl into a beautiful young woman, paying for your education and a fanatastic wedding but somewhere along the way i must have done something wrong as you have now forsaken me. it was great being your mom but now it is over:( hope you have a good life!!

  2. hmm…if you are switching moms does that mean that i get somehow become an only child…like the best..i mean first, two years of my life…and yet also gain new siblings? because i feel like i am really going to win in this whole situation.

  3. As the new mom, I am totally cool with an open adoption. I think it would be nice for your birth mom to see you know and then. It never hurts to be polite to others – except your sister, it’s okay to be mean to her ESPECIALLY after what she just wrote (although I must admit to having kindred feelings with her as I recall the first two years of my life being perfect as well)

  4. I feel so sorry for #1 Mom. I know what it is like to live having a child choose a “Modulteress” (Mother who steals your child) over oneself.
    Of course, we’ll have to see if mom #2 stands the test of time, and unconditional love. God forbid she have an unorganized closet!

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