From Scratch – Pasta Sauce

I’ve blogged about the incredibly delicious, yet incredibly simple recipe before — but it is so darn good, I think it is worth mentioning again.

(Did you catch that Sarah Palin-ism? Sorry, I watched Game Change over the weekend. Even though Ms. Palin doesn’t – I highly recommend it.)

This sauce is super easy and I literally could drink it. I have served it over spaghetti, maccaroni, ziti and now fusilli. Since the sauce doesn’t have a lot of chunks and is thinner than some homemade sauces, it does well with pastas that have texture of shape that “suck up” the sauce. I think orecchiette would be ideal as each noodle would form a little bowl for the sauce.

When I ate it over spaghetti, I found myself with a plate full of sauce at the end of the meal (which I happily lapped up like a cat – just kidding!)

You can find the recipe here (courtesy of Smitten Kitchen – quite possibly the BEST food blog out there). Enjoy!

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