Cache and Cookies

I’m excited to announce that a few weeks ago I started a new role at Robin Hood as a member of the Marketing and Communications team. Previously I had been working as an individual gift officer, which is fancy speak for fundraiser. I was definitely happy in this role; however, when the opportunity to shake things up a bit in the social media/content word presented itself – I jumped at it. I was recommended for this role in large part because I’ve expressed an interest in writing and seem to be relatively good at it (although I still have a lot of room for growth – especially when it comes to editing). But one of the other huge selling points was the fact that I write a blog! Who would have thought that two years ago when I started this blog that it would lead to future career development. Certainly not me.

It is an exciting time to be joining the marketing and communications team. Over our 23 year history, our board has been rather “media skittish.” The thought was that we didn’t want to steal the show from the groups that we fund, so our name was never mentioned in the press, never added to plaques at buildings that we helped build, or linked to the poverty-fighting work that we accomplished. Well, the board has realized that maybe, in terms of increasing our fundraising and raising awareness, this wasn’t the best method. So now, moving forward, we are changing that approach and I’m thrilled to play a role in this effort.

TODAY we announced the soft launch of our new website – The old version, which had remained relatively untouched for the past 10 years – was taken down this morning and replaced by a fresh new platform. My role moving forward will be to provide the updated content for various parts of the website and our tumblr blog (although I secretly want to make a push to move it to WordPress!)

At our monthly all staff meeting, we unveiled the website to the Robin Hood team. Since I have only been part of the team responsible for the new site for a few weeks, I haven’t contributed much to the new site. So, I decided to provide the “flare” for today’s presentation – in the form of cookies and a limerick.

Needless to say, the cookies were “cleared” very quickly (look – I’m already making online communications jokes!)

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