A Case of the Mondays

I know this blog is supposed to be about the positive things in my life, but sometimes, you just need to vent.

Today I was lacking PMA and didn’t have the best day. I think that maybe I was being punished for watching the Dance Moms marathon yesterday. In my defense, I was only watching the show while I was folding the 2,000 loads of laundry I did over the weekend (how one boy is able to produce SO much dirty laundry is beyond me!) Either way that show is like a train wreck – it is TERRIBLE but you can’t seem to look away.

The day started off ok – Matt and I walked to the subway together which is always a nice treat. However, my mom skipped out on our nearly daily phone conversation (pathetic, I know) as she had a tennis match. Immediately I felt neglected. Thankfully, Abby’s sister ESP kicked in and she called me. It was such a treat to talk to her –  her swim team had their conference meet this past weekend and she coached BOTH the men and women‘s teams to victories. Naturally, Abby lost her voice in the process (yes, she is intense) so this was the first time I had actually talked to her in about 4 days. Abby, “I am proud of you, say I am proud of you.”

I then stopped off at Dunkins for my morning coffee – unfortunately something that normally makes me so happy was ruined by the fact that they forgot to put Splenda in my coffee. I blame the group of 6 foreign tourists who were making a scene trying to have an “American experience.”

Once I arrived at work, my ability to focus was distracted by two things: my work BFF returned from her vacation with a ridiculous tan – like seriously, I can’t even get that tan even in my dreams. Secondly, the intense flourescent lights have started to drive me crazy (literally, crazy). Let’s do something about this people – I vote for a return to candle light.

I went out to lunch with my coworker so that I could catch her up on everything she missed last year. I ordered a grilled cheese sandwich with sliced tomato. If anything can cure a case of the Mondays, that can. Unfortunately, they forgot to make my sandwich and I had to wait 40 minutes for it! Instead of sitting and eating leisurely, I had to scarf it down which resulted in a grease induced stomach ache for the afternoon.

On my way home from work, I forgot to put the Netflix I had been carrying around all day in the mailbox. Sadly, that delays my next shipment of “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn” for another day. Matt will probably scold me for that one – I know he has been dying to see the wedding between Bella and Edward.

When I arrived home, I was expecting to receive a package from Soap.com, my new favorite place to buy paper towels, shampoo and lysol wipes. Unfortunately, our mail room has become ridiculously slow and delayed in processing the packages, so it looks the joy I was hoping to receive from testing out my new face wash and putting away the bulk package of toilet paper will be delayed for another day (sigh).

So as you can see, my day wasn’t horrible, it just wasn’t awesome. Sometimes, that happens. You just get a case of the Mondays… but wait…

Today is Tuesday! Suddenly things don’t seem so bad.

My KitchenAid mixer, wine and butter flavored Crisco - my response to the Mondays

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