Friday Afternoon Round Up



Who wants to come over for  movie night this weekend?

My Valentine’s Day present for Matt – very manly.

Bieber fever at Dana Farber

Couldn’t have put it better myself.

Washi tape seems to be all the rage but I am still not sure how to use it.

Perfect for a small Birthday celebration.

I want to join a Downton Abbey fan club.

Something delicious to go with your Sunday morning coffee.


Girls Night with Jennifer Love Hewitt

Two weeks ago one of my co-workers invited us over to her apartment for a girls only movie night. We were all exited because Lindsay is on the events team at Robin Hood. Anyone who can put together this:


is certainly going to put together a good girls night! And we were not disappointed. Lindsay’s apartment was impeccably decorated – I felt like we walked into a West Elm store. And she appropriately applied the “movie night” theme to the evening with fresh popcorn in red and white stripped boxes and large boxes of movie theater candy.


We spent the evening chatting, snacking of delicious treats, drinking blood orange mimosas and sharing in the heartache of Jennifer Love Hewitt in Can’t Hardly Wait. It is pretty incredible to have such a fun evening with your co-workers!

Thanks Lindsay – you certainly have set the bar high! In fact, I was all geared up to host the next girls night, but I am now rethinking that idea… at least until after I see what you have in store for this year’s benefit!