Friday Afternoon Round Up

I just bought all of the supplies to do this DIY project.

Matt thought this was a good news article. I did not. Whose side are you on?

This is my new favorite blog. I sort of wish they would adopt me. Or at least teach my husband how to be so handy around the house.

I wish people made a big deal when I left the apartment without Matt.

These look like the bowls my bridesmaids painted at my bachelor party!

If only Matt had seen this before popping the question on a sailboat at sunset…

Matt’s response to this “I freakin love giraffes! They so nice to each other.”

Please send me something.


5 thoughts on “Friday Afternoon Round Up

  1. #1 rather time consuming, I would just “print” the fabric and sew
    #2 snore, way too much acquiescent coddling
    #3 You be handy! Things have changed in my “second life” but in “first life” I did everything (including laying on the basement floor, 8 months pregnant, relighting the water heater) of course he was a Californian and you know how many Californians it takes to change a light bulb? Four, one to change the bulb and three to share in the experience, providing the light bulb wants to change!
    #4 Sorry, you have to be a REAL Princess
    #5 Like the bows but think they would chip easily
    #6 So many creative people!
    #7 Ahhhhhhh
    #8 Wow, I didn’t know the PO Allowed this!

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