R.I.P. Tex

A few months back, one of my co-workers came into the office with approximately a dozen beta fish. Apparently, she had a friend, a percussionist  in a band, and he performed at a wedding where they had beta fish as part of the centerpieces. At the end of the wedding, he had asked what was going to happen with all of the fish and was told  “they are hitching a ride on the porcelain express.” Well this was too much for this animal loving man, so he “rescued” all of the beta. While not quite on the same level as rescuing a puppy, impressive none the less. unfortunately, he wasn’t prepared to take in dozens of fish, especially since betas each need their own tank. So, the kind spirits at Robin Hood decided to help him out. And this is how Sherwood came into my life.

Well today at work, we head a death in the Robin Hood family. My co-worker, Caroline sadly reported that her Betta, “Tex” passed away. at 1:58, she sent the following email with the subject line “I don’t know how to say this, but…”

Tex died.
It was very tragic and disturbing.
This is the worst day ever…

While I certainly feel for Caroline and her lose, I think I speak for all of the other betta owners when I say “Phew – at least mine wasn’t the first to go.”

Please join me in sharing my deepest sympathies to Caroline. I would like to share the beautiful eulogy she wrote for him.

I would like to take moment and honor a dear friend, Tex.

Although he reached the esteemed status of lead Beta within the Robin Hood Foundation pool, he never forgot his roots, born locally to an unassuming fish couple and raised by Caroline Page. 

 Tex was well-respected and revered within the fish community, he led a silent but forceful movement, a movement that spread beyond the confines of his glass bowl into the aisles of his fellow coworkers. His powerful silence influence the many that interacted with him on a daily basis.

 I think it is important in times like these to remember the immortal words of, Dr. Suess, in his oh-so poignant “One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish”:

 But I bet they have come a long, long way.
We see them come.
We see them go.
Some are fast.
And some are slow.
Some are high.
And some are low
Not one of them is like another.

 Tex was all of these things: a fish firstly, but he came…he went…he was fast, sometimes slow. He was always high, never low. But truly, Tex was nothing like another. 

 To Tex, as you live life perpetual, please know that you are in our thoughts, prayers, and we send you the warmest of fish wishes.

 All my best.

R.I.P Tex
September 2011-February 2012
“Sometimes people come into our lives and quickly go…”

2 thoughts on “R.I.P. Tex

  1. Buddha taught that all life is impermanent and that all those who are born must eventually pass from this life. However, everyone has within them the seeds of their past virtues, which have the power to bring a fortunate rebirth in the future.

    We pray that through the power of this virtue, through the blessings of the holy beings, and through the force of our heartfelt prayers, our dear friend,Tex, will experience great good fortune and everlasting peace and happiness.

    We also pray for the bereaved relatives and friends, that they may be comforted in their loss and find peace of mind and strength of heart.

    May all beings without exception be released from suffering, and find true happiness and everlasting peace.

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