Puppy Party!

This week, the cutest puppy in the whole wide word, my niece Bexley celebrated her first birthday. My sister went all out with a party at daycare, two trips to the dog park in one day and homemade doggie treats for Bex and all her friends. Even I have to admit, I was impressed – and we all know, that takes quite a bit.

Not going to lie, when I have a baby, I am going to seriously consider sending them to the same daycare as Bexley. Not only will that allow the cousins to bond, but the lady who runs the place (while a little nutty) definitely loves these pups! I mean, did you see the homemade paw print Birthday card she gave Bexley? Sick!


10 thoughts on “Puppy Party!

  1. I think that Bexley’s party was entirely appropriate for a first birthday, but I must tell you that we have an event planner working on Lucy’s since that the bar has been raised so high!

  2. that party was the most amazing thing ever; you should totally bring your kids there–at $18 a day it is a bargain—and bexley’s friends brought her presents and everything, lunch buddies is the best place ever!

  3. She is depressed because her aunt never comes to visit her….and her tail is extra long to fit all the awesome she possesses into her little body. Stop being such an allergic.

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