My Post Wedding Mission

Nearly every bride agonizes over the same thing after her wedding… how can I figure out a way to wear this dress again?

Sentimental brides will preserve their dress in the hopes that a daughter will one day walk down the aisle in it.

Ambitious brides will alter the dress into a short version but let’s be honest, unless you had a really simple dress, that doesn’t really make the dress appropriate and the chances of you actually wearing it are still very low.

Creative brides might take the dress and turn it into something completely different: curtains, pillowcases, silk linings, etc. These brides are either very brave or don’t like their wedding dress as much as I do.

I decided that I would wear my dress while cleaning my house. Not only would I be happy to wear the dress again, but maybe it would make household chores more enjoyable! Sadly, my dress is currently living at my parents house so I haven’t been able to start this fun tradition.

But last night while watching the SAG awards, I came up with another idea – I should become an actress, get invited to a red carpet premiere and wear my dress. I think it would go over well. I might have to dye it, but that could be a fun adventure.

Red Carpet Ready?

I can almost see myself strutting down the red carpet in this dress, pausing to answer questions from the E! reporter and waving to my adoring fans.

Here are a few previously worn red carpet dressed that seem similar my wedding dress style.

Naya Rivera (2012 SAGs)


Eva Longoria (2011 SAGs)
Lea Michele (2011 SAGs)


 Time to start auditioning!

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