Friday Afternoon Round Up

I have been reading a lot of other blogs lately to see how I can make improvement on my own blog. A lot of folks in the blogging universe have been writing about the Alt summit that was held in Salt Lake City, Utah last week.  After reviewing the list of folks invited to speak on the various panels, I have added a lot of new bloggers to my daily reading list – I am trying to see which ones will “stick” before adding them to official list of blogs I follow. And while I am a little insulted that I wasn’t invited to this incredible party/blog love fest, I have to admit, I have learned a great deal just from reading the recaps that some of the invitees have given. And boy, do I have a long way to go before I can become the next “Oh Happy Day” or “Making it Lovely“.

Many bloggers use Friday as a way to highlight some of their favorite links from the previous week. I like this idea and I am going to institute a weekly Friday Afternoon Round Up. Welcome to its first edition (yes, copies of this will be very valuable. If you want a signed version, just let me know). Please feel free to leave comments, suggestions or happy thoughts!

Thank you Snippet & Ink for this Where the WIld Things Are masterpiece. Stephen Colbert, I love you. Parts one and two.

This will make up for the fact that I was never a girl scout.

Best news story of the week (thanks Matt for sending me this!)

Wish I listened to my photographer and got a photobooth for our wedding. Don’t make the same mistake.

I miss my sister. And her adorable dog.

Last weekend I took on this craft project. Maybe this weekend I can make this?

Will you come to my “cocktails and crafts party” ? Here’s some inspiration.

I bought this for a friend. I might need to get myself one too.

Where it all started.


3 thoughts on “Friday Afternoon Round Up

  1. YAY!!! i made the blog!!! and so did bex!!

    also, if you do that craft, let me know how it goes, because i want to do it. but i think i need something absorbent on the coasters under the pattern….think about it and let me know.

    i have a bunch of blogs i read that were at ALT it made me want to go (despite the fact that i don’t even have a blog!)

  2. I feel so “ALT” of it! I have never heard of ALT.
    Colbert & Sendak were worth sifting through the rest of these links.
    The giraffe (esp. with the name Molly) was great but you missed the Otter being raised by humans:
    Abby is right, non-absorbent coasters are a waist. They look nice, you think they’ll make great gifts, then they end up in the Salvation Army bag. Grandma’s “Carpet Coasters” with cork bottoms are Much better!

    ps Bex, I want a Birthday biscuit

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