Costa Rica Recap

after Christmas, Matt and I traveled to Costa Rica with 2 of our favorite couple friends and, of course, Matt Kinsella. While some people might find it weird that he seems to be very comfortable in the role of “3rd wheel” (or in this case, 7th wheel) I am sure I speak for all couples involved, that we are so thrilled that he was willing to come along! He adds much-needed excitement to our lives and it would have been a much more boring trip without him.

We rented a house for a week in Tamarino, which is a fairly small surf town on the Northwest coast of Costa Rica. We hung out by the pool, watched incredible sunsets, tried our best to surf, went on a catamaran and ventured out on ATVs through some pretty remote areas. We ate, drank, laughed and had a great time. I couldn’t have thought of a better group to start our New Year with!

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Thanks for the memories and my newly acquired mono-ab (slang for gut)!

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