Late to the Party (Again)

When I was a freshman in college I asked my parents for an MP3 player. However, unlike most people, I didn’t want an iPod. I thought they were overpriced and just a stupid fad. Also I really thought the circular menu “button” was bizarre, I mean, I didn’t really get it. So instead my parents bought me a massive mp3 player that was about the size of a Walkman and was a brand name that I can’t even remember. Instead of calling it an iPod, we called it an iHouse. Needless to say, a few years later, I broke down and bought an iPod.

When UGG boots first arrived on the scene, I thought – “hmm, these look comfortable.” But I couldn’t quite figure out if you were supposed to wear socks with them or not, should they go under or over your pants, and I wasn’t sure if the suede fabric would hold up for long enough. Either way, I was certain that these boots wouldn’t be around for very long. I mean, what shoes, that are comfortable, stay in style? Well, after 3 longstanding seasons, I broke down and put UGGs on my Christmas list. My feet have never been happier. Just ask Tom Brady.

So it is no surprise that I am not jumping on the trend bandwagon late again. Many of my friends have been “pinning” things on this new website, Pintrest, for months but I didn’t fulling embrace this new site. I signed up for an account a few months back and pinned a few pictures and that was about it. Finally, after countless people have said “what? how are YOU not obsessed with pinterest?!?!” I decided to give it another chance.

And while I am still not entirely certain how much I like this site – honestly, it makes me sad that my wedding is over and jealous of people who have these ridiculously awesome apartments and houses, I am not a contributing member to the pintrest society. So please, sign up, follow along and share some of your inspiration!

(If you aren’t sure what pinterest is, please click here to find out)

2 thoughts on “Late to the Party (Again)

  1. So I have to admit I had no clue what Pintrest was until my brother told me all about it….he is obsessed with it!

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