Aliens Kidnapped My Husband

and they replaced him with some form of super husband.

As many of you know, Matt and I are spending our very first Christmas together this year. In the past we have spent Christmas Even with his extended family and then I drive home so that I can do our Christmas Eve traditions and Christmas morning with my family. Then Matt would come up and do Christmas dinner with us and our best family friends, the Possees. It was nice to see both families but required a lot of driving by Matt and I. So, while we miss the traditional Puerto Rican dinner that Matt’s family makes on Christmas Eve, we are very excited to spend the entire holiday together with minimal driving.

Today we work up and went to Crossfit Nashua with Abby, since she is now a crossfitter too! We all struggled through a workout that was modeled after the 12 days of Christmas. Needless to say, Matt was pretty excited about this new holiday tradition.

Afterwards we spent some time wrapping up presents and helping with the Christmas Eve dinner. Matt and I tackled desserts and each decided to make our own things. I made Paula Deen’s Gooey Butter Cake, which in traditional Paula Deen fashion used FOUR sticks of butter. Yummy! This recipe is something that I learned from a co-worker who said that the minute I found out what was in it, I wouldn’t want to make it. Thankfully, a little butter, sugar and eggs didn’t scare me!

Matt decided to make the Oreo Candy Cane Truffles that one of my very best childhood friends, Lindsay, suggested that I add to my holiday baking. I made this earlier this month and they were well received, so Matt thought he would impress/fatten up my family with them. I can not tell you how impressed I was with Matt’s patience, commitment and skill when making these truffles. He did the entire thing by himself and didn’t complain once (I think the fact that he had a beer and glass of wine during the baking process definitely helped).



In addition to the baking, Matt wrapped about 10 presents and didn’t use a single gift bag (his signature move). Looks like he is adapting well the Christmas with the Brethauers. Hopefully his positive attitude continues through to the matching pjs we are bound to open tonight!

6 thoughts on “Aliens Kidnapped My Husband

  1. Nice ND fleece Matt….also why no mention of matt’s lack of knowledg of the twelve days of Christmas song at crossfit…that was classic englehardt :-) just kidding, so excited to have you both here for Christmas!!!

  2. Merry Christmas to my new family!! :) Mattie I am impressed with your baking skills, and a bit jealous I didnt get to see the whole process! I can’t wait to see everyone on Monday! I tried to tie in a few family traditions while at work tonight/this weekend…tonight I read ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas’ to one of my little girls who’s family wasn’t able to take her home for the holiday, and tomorrow one of our nurses who’s from Puerto Rico will be bringing us arroz con pollo! Even though I most likely won’t have even a bite, I felt that the request to make the dish was needed! I love you guys :)

  3. This year I celebrated my first Christmas away from my family traveling to be with my honey’s family. It is nice to hear about someone ending the cycle and making their own traditions.

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