Englehardt version 2.0

How amazing is my litter sister-in-law???

Halloween Cake and Cupcakes!
Cupcakes for a Baby Shower - almost makes me want to get pregnant!
Now, can someone tell my why Matt didn’t get any of these skills? I guess second borns are just a lot more advanced than first borns!

3 thoughts on “Englehardt version 2.0

  1. A. Rude, first borns are awesome.
    B. I thought that this post meant you were preggers.
    C. Courtney is more skilled at decorating than you (only being rude because you were first)
    D. Love having two super talented sisters. :-)

  2. Molls,
    What a fantastic blog post! Maybe it’s just a sister thing…we all seem to have this extreme talent thing going on. Haha! Matt might catch up to us someday :)

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