Why My Sister Can Never Get Married

This weekend, Abby came to New York for one of her former swimmer’s wedding last night. I was thrilled that the wedding was on Friday because that meant that I got to spent time with Abby on Saturday and Sunday before she returned to Virginia. I was especially excited to see her since we won’t be seeing each other over Thanksgiving as I am heading to my in-laws (I love saying that!) this year.

As most people who follow my blog know, Abby got a dog last February. Since that time, her visits to New York have been sort of frustrating for me since she would have this adorable, but high-maintenance, puppy with her. Add in the fact that Matt is terribly allergic to dogs so Abby and Bexley couldn’t stay at our apartment when they visited, my time with her on those weekend trips was very short. Thank goodness Bex is so cute, or else I might force Abby to get rid of her.

Bexley before her first 5K race this weekend.

Abby decided to leave Bex at home this weekend. And while I would love to see my niece-puppy, I was excited to have a dog-free weekend with Abby in NYC. It isn’t that I had a lot of fun things planned for Abby’s visit, but just spending time together, something we were able to do nearly every weekend when she lived in NYC, is one of my favorite things. She arrived at my apartment earlier today and we spent the afternoon hanging out, chatting, and doing some errands around the city. After getting pedicures together, Abby decided to go visit a friend for dinner.

I have never been good at sharing. I hate sharing my food if I am out at a restaurant, Matt and I each have our own tube of toothpaste (weird, I know), and I didn’t let Matt touch my iPhone for the first four months I owned it. But the thing that I hate sharing the most is my sister, especially now that we don’t live in the same city.

I am pretty sure that my sister feels pretty similarly to me – however, I am so lucky that she likes Matt and, inversely, that Matt puts up with us. Unfortunately for Abby, I am not like that. I don’t want to share her with anyone, not even her puppy!

So I am sorry to all of my sister’s future suitors – you need to acknowledge that you will always play second fiddle to me, or else I won’t give you my blessing. And let’s face it, my blessing is much more important than my dad’s; I am pretty sure Matt asked for Abby’s permission to propose before he asked for my dad’s.

So now I am sitting at home, watching Notre Dame take down Boston College, just counting the minutes until Abby comes back! Man, sharing is so hard!

Pouting because I hate sharing Abby