The Class Systems of OWS

I wish I could take credit for this incredible find, but unfortunately those honors go to Matt.

Today those occupying Wall Street left the comfort of their park and took to the streets. At 3pm, a few hundred people marched up Broadway to Union Square. It served as a good break for those of us at work, to walk over to the window and peer down to those below. After a few minutes, we all returned to our desks to get some work done. Apparently after hanging around in the park and beating their drum, they plan to march back down to their park at 5pm.

Now that is a powerful movement!

3 thoughts on “The Class Systems of OWS

    1. Very true. Although I am not sure I agree with the statement, “all press is good press.” Example – Sarah Palin skits on Saturday Night live. I am not sure that did a lot to encourage voters to support her.

      But hey, maybe I am wrong – certainly not an expert on these things!

  1. I think they’ve succeeded in starting a conversation that was long overdue, though surely it’s a movement with flaws. Most movements have ’em though. Just keep in mind that the majority of OWS protestors would gladly be at work if they could find a job. I went down there between bouts of job interviews, sending out dozens of jobs apps, emails etc.

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