Suburban Sunday

On Sunday Matt and I (ok, more like I) decided that we would rent a zip car and get out of the city for the day. And what is a better fall activity than apple picking and leaf peeping? So we hopped in our car and drove up to Warwick, NY for a lovely day.

We ended the day by coming home and making apple muffins, which I brought into work this morning, and an apple and chicken dish for dinner, both recipes were from our apple cook book that our favorite younger sister, Courtney, purchased for us for Christmas last year! Considering we picked nearly 6 dozen apples, I have a feeling we will be using that cookbook a lot over the next week or so.

9 thoughts on “Suburban Sunday

  1. That is So wholesome and SO un-New York. Good for you staying with your roots (of course Matt did have some making up to do for the dog name comment)!
    I have a great Cranberry-Apple Crisp recipe. I have been making applesauce (intent was to freeze but we have been eating it all).
    What kind of apples did you pick, the ones you were reaching for looked green(Mutsu?)

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