What’s in a Name?

Yesterday as I was walking down the street to me apartment, I noticed a guy walking two french bulldogs coming towards me. We have a lot of dogs that live in out building and you often see them out on our street. However, I had never seen these two little guys before. I was sort of staring at the owner to see if I recognized him when he said:

“Hey Molly!”

I immediately tried to rack my brain to figure out how I knew him… just as I was smiling and about to say hi, I realized that he was actually speaking to the  dog that was behind me.

Thanks mom and dad for giving me a dog name. I really appreciate it.

5 thoughts on “What’s in a Name?

  1. hahaha, the other day i was at the dog store buying bexley treats (duh) and there was a dog named molly in there….i wanted to take her picture and send it to you, but she was a little camera shy.

  2. Once you became fresh pressed famous with the Christmas blog, I am sure “Little Things” inspired the bulldog’s owner and upon receiving them as a special Holiday gift, one just had to be named Molly! So you see the reverse happened.
    Matt: Benefits are out for this weekend!

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