Sting’s 60th Birthday Recap

How do you top and evening in Central Park with the Black Eyed Peas and 60,000 friends and neighbors?¬†Help Sting celebrate his 60th Birthday with a few of his musician friends, that’s how.

On Saturday October 1st, Sting held his birthday celebration at the Beacon Theater with all proceeds going towards Robin Hood. He invited a few friends to share the stage with him.

Robert Downey Jr.

Lady Gaga

Bill Joel

and of course, Bruce Springsteen

The entire crew came out at the end of the show for a few final songs, including Every Breath You Take

However, the absolute highlight of the show was when Sting’s lovely wife Trudie appeared onstage and surprised him by inviting dozens of members of the Scottish pipe and drum line onstage. Sting was visibly moved (as was my mom), and even as everyone left the theater, the couple stayed onstage dancing. It was truly moving.

I felt so lucky to be able to share this experience with my parents. When Bruce started playing, I turned to my dad and said, “That voice… it is like the soundtrack of my childhood…. at least the times when I was in your car.” And while I know my parents have loved every moment that they’ve spent watching Abby coach swimming, I have a feeling that they will remember this night for many years.