This is How Much I Like You


Last night Matt and I went out to dinner with our awesome friends, Lucy and Smeets (don’t worry, that is his last name – his parents aren’t that mean to name him Smeets). We always love hanging out with these two and last night we had a lovely time.

In the middle of dinner, I turned to Lucy and Smeets and said, “You know what, I really like you guys. You know this because I am here with you even though I am missing The Sing Off.” Matt turned and looked at me, completely appalled that I would say something so rude to our friends. However, in my mind, this was a huge compliment. Believe me, I wouldn’t miss that show for just anyone!

So cheers to good friends who are worth setting the DVR and watching your favorite shows later. Clearly tonight, I am going to be glued to my tv catching up with my favorite a capella groups!

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