The Great Brooklyn Debate

So Matt and I are thinking about moving to Brooklyn. We like the idea of having a bit more space, an actual neighborhood and hopefully an outdoor area where we can set up a sick grill. And while our lease isn’t up until next July, we decided to start scoping out neighborhoods since we don’t know much about Brooklyn.

This weekend we crossed the river for a delicious brunch at The Roebling Tea Room. And while there were a lot (and by a lot oI mean, basically everyone in the restaurant except me and Matt) of hipsters, the food was awesome. I got the baked pancake, which was incredible while Matt got the baked eggs and grits. YUM!


After brunch we stopped by Blue Bottle, an amazing coffee shop that we originally visited during our trip to San Fran last year. We have been obsessed since (more with the trendiness of the brand than the actual coffee) so when we found out that there was a Blue Bottle shop located in Brooklyn we thought “yes, another reason to move to Brooklyn!”

Then we proceeded to walk around Williamsburg for a while, looking at apartment buildings that we could see ourselves living in. I took down addresses for about 10 places so that I could look them up later and hopefully by-pass any broker fees. Eventually we found a building where the rental office was open and they showed us three model units. The first two were nice, but even though they were two bedrooms, the living space was much smaller than our current apartment. But the last apartment they showed us was amazing. It was a duplex with two bedrooms, a lofted office space, two full bathrooms, a staircase and tons of storage. There was a balcony that had views of the river and a park right next door. I was in love!


I thought it might be a little out of our price range but not entirely out of the possibility. With new buildings you can often negotiate great concessions like a month or two free.  After the tour, we went back into the office, only to have our dreams shattered… these weren’t apartments available for rent; they were condos available for purchase – and the asking price of my lovely duplex was 1.7 million dollars. Just slightly out of our price range…

Sadly, we rode subway back to Manhattan with a little less bounce in our step. Who knew the outer boroughs could be so cruel. This whole apartment/neighborhood/new lifestyle search might be a little more difficult that we anticipated.

But hey, at least we got our Blue Bottle Coffee!

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