Red Eye

After an amazing wedding weekend in San Francisco, Matt and I arrived at the airport on Sunday around 2:45 for our 4pm flight. When we went to check in at the kiosk, the system wasn’t able to find our tickets. As we made our way over to the counter to talk to an agent, we soon realized that our return flight was actually booked for Thursday August 18th, not Sunday August 14th. Immediately I was happy that I hadn’t booked our travel.

After speaking with the very unsympathetic United agent and frantically doing “kayak searches” on our iPads, we found a new flight to New York on Virgin Atlantic. What luck! I had just been telling Matt that I wanted to fly Virgin because it seemed so trendy and cool. I put a smile on my face and immediately awarded myself 25 “good wife points.” Matt didn’t have quite the positive outlook that I did. I fixed this by finding him a bar in the airport that served Fat Tire, his most favorite beer that you can’t find on the East Coast. After about 3 of these, he started to feel a little better.

The good news was, Terminal Two in the San Fransisco airport is amazing. They have a Pinkberry, multiple non-fast food restaurants and an unlimited number of power outlets. The bad news was, we had to take a red eye flight – something I absolutely dread.

My first red eye experience was in high school when my family flew to London. My sister and mother were able to sleep on the plane; however, my father and I could not all asleep and spent the majority of the flight standing in the back of the plane commiserating about how miserable the experience was. The next time my family took a red eye flight home from Alaska my dad hooked me up with a prescription strength sleeping pill.  Sadly, I think I closed my eyes for a total of 5 minutes. I think my body just needs to be horizontal to sleep – it can’t be tricked (even with a sleeping pill) into thinking an airplane seat is a bed.

So after hanging out in the airport for more than 4 hours (we played A LOT of words with friends) we finally boarded our plane. As expected, the red eye experience was terrible. I probably closed my eyes for four 5 minute time periods. Needless to say, I disembarked the plane feeling exhausted and not in the world’s best mood – I didn’t win any “good wife points” in the cab on our way home.

When we got home, I decided to work from home so that I could get in a little nap and spare my co-workers from my crankiness. In an email to one of my co-worked I wrote, “I am working for home this morning after a miserable red eye flight back from San Fran. ”

This morning when I saw her in the office she asked me how my eye was doing. Man, that almost made the whole experience worth it!

2 thoughts on “Red Eye

  1. I’m just impressed Englehardt was in the San Francisco airport on a Sunday and wasn’t wearing a Guts! or Batman costume. This is probably why he wasn’t allowed to plan more of the wedding.

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