How to be a Good Wife During a Financial Melt Down


Wall Street is having a serious case of financial crisis déjà vu: wild triple-digit swings in the Dow, massive volatility and headline-to-headline driven trading are now just part of the average day. Wall Streeters are trading in their morning cup of coffee for a daily dose of pepto bismo.

I received a phone call from my loving husband today. He typically calls me during the day to see how my work day is going and report on anything interesting. Well, today his message was simple: “our fidelity account is taking a nose dive and stop spending money.”

Well that is just a ridiculous request. Let’s be realistic, I need to spend some money to survive. But I decided to make an effort to spend as little money as possible. So today, on my trip to CVS I saved more than 10 dollars through coupons and my extra care card. Go me! And everything I purchased, from the paper towels to the new amazing teal nail polish, was 100% necessary to survive.

Between the constant stream of homemade cookies coming out of our kitchen, my daily use of our new steam mop, and now my coupon cutting abilities, I think I am going to be in the running for “Wife of the Year, 2011.”