Cold Turkey

I am slowly coming to terms with the fact that our wedding is over. Believe me, I am not happy about it, but I am beginning to accept it. Sadly, this means that my days of following Wedding Blogs is probably coming to an end. I do still enjoy reading these blogs and seeing the creative ideas, however, these posts make me sad that my wedding is over and I even felt a tiny bit of regret when I read about a cool idea that I didn’t get to incorporate. Our wedding was unbelievable (we had a rainbow AND heat lightning) so I don’t want to start focusing on the things that we didn’t do.

We were able to do so much because of the support from both of our parents and I want to remained focused on that. So I am going cold turkey – no more wedding blogs.

So that means that I need to find new blogs to fill my days with. I have visited a lot recently as I have been researching new cookies recipes. It is unbelievable how many other blogs there are out there sending posts off into cyber space hoping that someone reads something that captivates, inspires or entertains.

Here are some contenders:

Becky Bakes
How can I not love the blog that bought me Oreo stuffed chocolate chip cookies? So many food blogs focus on super healthy, organic, vegan recipes. And while I am certainly a believer in healthy eating, I love the tag line “life is uncertain, eat dessert first.”

With Style & Grace
Inspiration for the kitchen, planning a party or making a DIY holiday present. This blog has it all for the modern day Martha Stewart.

The Organizing Junkie
Is it possible – have I found someone who likes to organize more than me. Umm, yes!

So while I close the chapter in my life on weddings (at least until Abby or Courtney decide to get married!) I am trying to fill that void. Let me know if you have any suggestions as I continue my quest to find the best blogs.

6 thoughts on “Cold Turkey

  1. Ohhh cold turkey that’s intense. Does that include wedding tv shows or just blogs, because “my redneck wedding” is life changing.

  2. I have two blogs for you. And you will either get them and love them, or not get them and hate them. They are both by my sister in law who is the actor in NYC. So she is a little more quirky with her writing. Most of the time I get a good laugh out of them, but not sure what you will think of them since you do not know her.

    This one you will definitely love or hate. It started as a joke with her roommates and is now a 5 day a week post.

    The second one is more of a normal blog about things she sees, does or thinks in her daily life in NYC. But its still quirky.

  3. Love the Pics! Matt is so much better looking here than that goofy one you posted of him @PM
    “A good wife should always present her husband in the best possible light”

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