Top Ten List

I have been a terrible blogger of late. My last post was on Valentine’s Day which was more than 3 weeks ago. Pathetic, I know. Well as a way of explaining my blogging absence, I have decided to write a top ten list. Top ten lists are amazing. They take things that aren’t really that funny and make them funny. Both top ten lists, also appeal to those people who are too lazy, or not capable, of putting together a comprehensive paragraph that links individual thoughts together. David Letterman has found a way to perfect and basically own the top ten list.

This almost makes those 8 years worth it…


Anyway, here is my list of the top ten reasons I haven’t been blogging:

10. I started a new job in January and have been too busy restructuring the place. Clearly they need my help.

9. Matt and I have decided to go Paleo and cavemen didn’t blog.

8. The Tutors have taken over my life.

7. Planning a wedding over a 15 month period is extremely stressful and time-consuming.

6. I have been too busy soliciting all of my friends to make donations to Robin Hood (click HERE to make a donation!)

5. Matt and I spend every spare moment training for a national ballroom dancing competition (AKA the first dance at our wedding)

4. I had to take up a second job to work off the bills I have coming in from gilt

3. I lost my iPhone and no longer have the ability to blog “on the go.”

2. My life has been rather boring lately.

1. I am lazy.

Hopefully I can turn my life around and become the world-famous blogging that I was about to become before this sabbatical.