Neutral Face – Part Two

When I started my new job last week, Matt helped me to prepare by tell me which outfit he liked the best as I tore my closet apart, cooked me a delicious pre-Robin Hood dinner, and reminded me constantly to wear a smile. You would think that his last piece of advice would be something that would occur naturally, especially when I was so excited to start my new job; however, see previous post to find out why Matt felt the need to remind me about smiling countless times.

While I am happy to report that for the past week my neutral face has been a smile, my historically negative facial expression has not been forgotten by my sister (see email that she sent me for evidence of this)

“I am fairly certain this was actually about you.”


While this very well could have been written by my previous co-worked, I am just hoping that it was not written by one on my current co-workers!