Sneak peak

When I was younger Halloween was a time of stress. I always had costume envy. The worst time was in 4th grade. I was a witch (seriously WHERE was the creativity?) and one oft best friends was a rollarskating waitress. Honestly, it was the coolest costume ever! She got to wear a super cute outfit and she wore rollarskates around school the entire day. Clearly this was before schools understood the idea of liability… Anyway, the idea of coming up with a cool costume, that we could make, that was something I wouldn’t mind wearing for a full day was a huge challenge. I never really felt like I fully came through with the best idea out there.

One year, it was raining during trick-or-treating. I am not sure what my original costume idea was, but Abby came through with a killer idea. I dressed up as a fisherman, which essentially meant wearing my yellow raincoat, carried a fishing pole and bucket for my candy. All in all it was a great idea! Sadly, not my own.

This year is different. I almost got sucked into dressing up as a character from Star Trek. Matt and Kinsella think this is a great idea… And for some reason Kinsella thinks it will make him a chick magnent. Not sure what kind of girls he is looking to attract. Either way, I am branching off from the group and I think I am better offf for it.

Here is a sneak peak of my awesome costume. I just put the finishing touches on it and I am very excited for the big night.

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