I pride myself on being a master of multi-tasking. Growing up I could color inside the lines while singing along to Rosenshontz (please tell me you remember these guys).

As I grew older I mastered driving from field hockey practice to swim practice and changing into my swim suit. I am still trying to figure out how I didn’t 1. get in an accident or 2. get pulled over.

In college I mastered swimming more than 20 hours per week, studying and finding time for the OC. My love for Seth Cohen far outweighed my love of, and need for, sleep.

Now in the working world, I have mastered the daily craze of play groups, parent interviews, tours, responding to phone calls, emails and faxes (yes, some people still use the fax machine!) all while planning my wedding, blogging and of course online shopping. I am proud to say that my multi-tasking abilities reached a new high today, as I responded to work emails, talked to one of my co-workers as she sat in my office, g-chatted with some of my favorite people in the world and did at least a months worth of grocery shopping online. In a span of 30 minutes, I had responded to approximately 8 emails, convinced my fellow employee that our place of employment IS crazy, chatted online with my sister about her train ride back to Virgina, Matt about his walk to work and Jamie about the fun times we had over the weekend looking for bridesmaid dresses, and spent more than 200 dollars on groceries from FreshDirect. Let’s not forget to mention that I found a discount code online that earned me more than 20% off my total bill.

Man, some days I even impress myself.

4 thoughts on “Multi-Tasking

  1. So while I don’t remember the Rosenshontz I am very impressed with your multi-tasking! I am feeling like a big slacker now. I am going to have to step up my multi-tasking game.

  2. What is “the OC”? I thought it was your disorder!?!
    I’ve answered emails, read three days of news (that I got behind in during your Mom’s visit), fed the cats and chickens, talked to the “Rents” (watched a miner rescue) and baked 5 dozen pumpkin cookies (scratch pumpkin) all before 8:30!

  3. eating chinese food, watching missed tv shows online, wondering why noelle has stopped blogging (come back!!), texting 2 people and checking email.


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