College Degree in Parenting

Working in a school certainly has some benefits.

1. I am done work at 4pm
2. I get holidays off (yah for the long weekend!) and a lot of vacation
3. It is perfectly acceptable to have crayola crayons in my office
4. And most importantly, I get to work with kids.

Every so often I stop in to the Kindergarten classrooms for a visit. I was doing this the other day and had the following conversation with a little boy:

Boy: Do you have kids?
Me: No. Do you?
Boy: (laughs) No silly, I haven’t been to college yet
Me: Oh you need to go to college before you have kids?
Boy: No! That is where you get them! You go to college to get kids.

I love how the mind of a 5-year-old works!

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