Sister Suffragette

Below is the conversation that transpired during my daily phone call to my mother:

Me: What are you doing today
Mom: Cleaning the house because we are having people over for dinner tomorrow and going to a ladies luncheon.
Me: Ummm, what?
Mom: A lunch, for a group of ladies.
Me: Wow… you really have a rough life.

As my mom went off to her ladies luncheon, I was left imagining what life is like for my mother now that Abby and I are grown and out on our own. This is the image that I conjured up.

I can not wait until I have paid my dues as a working woman and can frolic around town having ladies luncheons and such!

4 thoughts on “Sister Suffragette

  1. ok so make fun of me but i just want you to know that the speaker was nicholas kristof – do you know who he is? you might want to learn what he has done for women worldwide!!! continuing education is a good thing – you should be proud of me not making fun!!!! i bought you a signed copy of his book

  2. Hey Mollie – your mother and I have paid our dues! As I see it Nance has been in the workforce for over 40 years. How many years have you logged so far?And wait until you try to hold a full time job while raising two or three children. You can only hope that we will still be around to help you out!

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