My Morning Routine

Like all people who categorize themselves as “type A “, I enjoy routines. I find comfort in their predictability and order. I like know what to expect and when to expect it. So, it is no surprise to find out that I have a morning routine.

6:20 – Alarm goes off, get up. I never snooze.
6: 22 – Brush teeth.
6:23 – Put contacts in. AHHHH! I can see at last!
6:25 – Shower
6:27 – Put on outfit that I picked out last night
6:29 – On a good day, blowdry hair. On most days, put hair in a pony tail.
6:33 – Carefully apply mascara
6:35 – Wipe off smudged mascara. I blame my low-maintenance mother and old sister for my lacking make up skills.
6:37 – Eat breakfast while watching The Today Show
6:50 – Pack lunch
6:55 – Spritz with perfume
7:00 – Wake Matt up with a “have a good day” kiss
7:05 – Walk out the door & call my mom :)

That is how the first 45 minutes of my day goes. Every Monday – Friday. If I am really tired, I might prolong getting dressed by eating breakfast in my bathrobe first. I know, I am crazy! And after reading my Gossip Girl post, you all thought I had such a glamorous lifestyle.

Once I get to work, my routine continues:

7:45 – Arrive at work
7:47 – Put lunch in refrigerator
7:48 – Turn on lights. Turn on computer. Sigh as a come to terms with the fact that I have to get through another day at work.
7:50 – Check work email
7:54 – Check personal email and see if any0ne is online yet
7:58 – Gchat Abby
8:03 – Gchat Noelle
8:05 – Scan through various news sites to see what is going on it the world outside of my bubble
8:15 – Read the blogs that I follow religiously: Once Wed, Snippet & Ink, Green Wedding Shoes and Jaded Inspiration.
8:30 – Email my mom cool wedding ideas I find on the various blogs
8:35 – Receive daily phone call from Matt as he walks to work
8:40 – Check voicemail
8:45 – Make a “To Do List” for the day
9:00 – Do basically everything on my “To Do List”
9:01 – Sigh again. Drink the last drops of my delicious Dunkin Donuts coffee and face the day.

Before I started blogging, I never visited blogs. I didn’t understand their purpose or even know how to find them. Boy, was I missing out. There are a lot of blogs I will check up on every now and then, but the four I mentioned above have become part of my every day. Sometimes I even visit them twice a day. I LOVE it when I am pleasantly surprised with a double posting.

I am curious to hear about the sites that you visit each and everyday. Please post a comment with the websites that are part of your daily routine. And let’s here from some new blog readers – while I love hearing from my VIPs (Abby, Matt, Noelle, Aunt Claudia, and Mom) let’s mix things up!

One thought on “My Morning Routine

  1. Response 1: A 2min shower? I am very impressed.

    Response 2: I would like to thank you for turning me on to shows like Gossip Girl and Glee. I don’t know how I ever lived without them. Thank goodness we are friends. You make me a cooler person.

    Response 3: Despite not posting a lot, I do in fact read your blog everyday. I think that qualifies me to become at least a VIPR (VIP Reader). Although this lengthy post should get me one step closer to becoming a VIPP (VIP Poster) and getting mentioned in a blog! :)

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