Let’s Be Frank

Sometimes life moves at a pace that is difficult to keep up with. I often find myself coming home later than intended because I found some errand to run or friends to meet up with. I hit the gym later than usual and the next thing I know it is 9 p.m. and I haven’t showered or eaten dinner. Typically, Matt works late during the week and doesn’t make it home for dinner. But then, sometimes he will call to say he is coming home and asks “what’s for dinner?” In times like these I turn to Lean Cuisine. I have started to keep a few of these frozen (and low-calorie) meals in our freezer for times like these. And while Matt doesn’t love the idea of eating Lean Cuisines, he will do it.

On the nights when Matt comes home for dinner and gives me more than a 5 minute notice I try to cook delicious home cooked meals for us to make up for the Lean Cuisines. While I am a good baker, my cooking skills are still “developing.” As a resulting, sometimes these dishes turn out great and other times, not so much. But Matt, the good fiance that he is, always clears his plate.

We owe this all to Frank.

Frank’s hot sauce makes everything better. It can spice up a dull frozen dinner or cover up the mistakes made by a beginner cook. Throw some on eggs and suddenly you have a spicy and fiery brunch that nearly makes up for the fact that you aren’t out at a trendy restaurant like the rest of the city. You don’t like vegetables (Kinsella…)? Throw some Franks on those veggies to cover up the taste that you claim to hate.

So thank you Franks hot sauce. Not only are you spicing up my food, but you are probably one of the reasons Matt loves my cooking :)

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