Kinsella – financial analyst turned musician

Growing up I was always very impressed with, and jealous of, the kids I went to school with who had musical talents. While I certainly appreciated my success in the pool and on the fieldhockey field, it never seemed quite as cool as singing or playing an instrument for a crowd.

I think part of the reason I have such an undying love for Matt Kinsella (Matts best friend and our bestman) is because of him amazing musical talents. I have been privledged to witness many private, mostly late night, performances. My favorite songs are certainly any song from rent, U2’s with or without (with brent lyrics) and, of course, journey.

This weekend Kinsella invited Matt and I to his house in the Hamptons for the weekend. Before we arrived Kinsella told us he had about 5-6 surprises planned for us. One of them we are experiencing right now.

Kinsella got his very first paying “gig” at a local bar/restaurant. He prepared by printing out the lyrics to thirty or so songs. Unfortunately he didn’t learn them, as shown by the picture below (our friend Boyd is holding the lyric page up so he can read them while he sings).

So for 2 hours the patrons of John Scott’s restaurant are treated to the sweet sounds of Matt Kinsella. I can’t even express just how much their worlds are being changed as I type.

Pretty soon we may see Kinsella on American Idol or on tour with Enrique. I just hope Kinsella reprts the 100 dollars he is making on his taxes next year.

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