An Educational Vacation

My parents number one priority for Abby and me was our education. We were exposed to limited tv, an abundance of books and we played games like brain quest, trivia pursuit and scrabble. Things were no different when we were on vacation. They would try to incorporate as many “educational opportunities” as possible as we traveled across the country. We visited museums, studied nature and learned about the local areas we visited. One of the most memorable was during our road trip from San Francisco to Seattle.

In between camping and hiking, my parents thought that we should stop in and learn about the local economy. When we drove through Tillamook, Oregon Abby and I were treated to the educational experience of the Tillamook cheese factory. Because honestly, what vacation wouldn’t be complete with a tour of that?

While the tour was certainly educational, both Abby and I swore off eating cheese for months afterwards. To this day, when I think back to that trip, my stomach gets a little queasy. No one should ever be exposed to that much cheese product.

It is nice to know that not much has changed with my parents. Even though Abby is 30 and I am 27, my parents are still concerned with our education. Yesterday after a morning stroll on the beach, we drove over the Hyannis to learn about the local economy through a tour of the Cape Cod Potato Chip Factory.

While it didn’t last long, the tour was filled with loads of information and we all left feeling just a little bit smarter. The free samples didn’t hurt either!

Thank you Mom and Dad for continuing to educate me and find free food to keep my belly happy!

3 thoughts on “An Educational Vacation

  1. Hi
    These are our favorite chips so we a little envious as we cannot find them in Berwick lately. Eat some for us if you go back.

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