This is a test. It is only a test.

In preparation for the Pan Mass, I have packed my bags, oiled my bike chain and hydrated…. and now I am setting up my blog so that I can easily post from the road via my phone. This is my first post testing out this feature.

Our day will strt early tomorrow – 4am early with a shuttle to the start and a breakfast buffet sponsored mostly impart by my favorite company, Dunkin Donuts. At 5:30am thousands of bikers will pull out of the parking lot in Sturbridge to begin the 110 mile ride to Bourne. It is always shocking to see how many people have woken up early, just to watch the bikers go by and cheer us on. If you live close to the route, I STRONGLY encourage you come by!

I hope to post periodically throughout the day (hopefully one post for each rest stop). Please excuse the typos as my iphone typing skillsĀ haven’t been mastered quite yet.

Please follow along as we pedal our way closer to finding a cure for cancer!