Living Vicariously

“Maybe it’s easier to like someone else’s life, and live vicariously through it, than take some responsiblity to change our lives into lives we might like.”
-Tish Grier

Since graduating from college and entering the work force, I have come to realize one definite. I am not very good at working underneath someone. So many of my work complains have to do with the various personalities, work-styles, expectations of my co-workers, particularly those who work above me. In the hours and hours that I have spent complaining to Matt, we often come to the same conclusion: you will not be happy until you are your own boss.

In 2005, I started my own “business” called Prep By Molly. I would spend hours in my parents’ basement sewing grosgrain ribbon belts, watch bands, dog collars and purses. While it kept me busy, I never invested enough time and effort into it to create a real business. Prep by Molly was probably the closest I have come to owning my own business. Those lemonade stands I used to set with my best childhood friend, Lindsay, were a very close second.

I am confident that I have the creativity, the intelligence and the work ethic to own my own business. Putting plans into place is something that I do well; I am organized, have a strong ability to multi-task, and when I feel passionate about something, I can spend far too many hours doing it. Unfortunately, one thing is preventing me from starting my own business… the idea.

I haven’t come up with an idea that I think could sustain a business. While Prep By Molly was fun while it lasted, it wasn’t something that I felt passionate about, or would be willing to invest my entire livelihood into. So until the day where I am struck with a flash of genius and an idea comes together, I will live vicariously through my various friends who have turned an idea into a business. These are the young entrepreneurs in my life!

The first company will be featured tomorrow. Get excited and get ready to live vicariously through their creativity, unbelievable execution of a simple ideas, and of course their tasty treats!

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