I Love My Triathlete!

Yesterday Matt completed in the NYC triathlon. While I would have loved  to participate, it was nice to support Matt 100%. We are normally competing the in the same races, and while at the end of the day we support each other, it is hard to ignore the competition that exists between the two of us. Some couples would hate it if there were any sort of competition between them, but I think that it makes our relationship even better. We met in a competitive environment and both swam at a fairly high level, so it makes sense that we would bring that attitude into our relationship.

The first triathlon that we did together was the Timberman. That year, Matt’s training was pretty much non-existant and I ended up crossing the finish line a few minutes ahead of him. The next year, Matt came back with vengeance, and while we both improved upon our times from the year before, he posted a time that was a few minutes better than me. While I see this as a tie since we both finished first once, Matt argues that since his time the second year was the best overall, he is the ultimate winner. I still think that we need to compete in that race one more year to really determine the winner.

Some of our friends, who know us well, love to fuel our competitive nature. They are always asking us who is a better swimmer, or who would win in a race of a give stroke and distance. So one day, we decided to settle this argument once and for all. Matt and I took to the pool to compete in a series of 4 x 50s, one of each stroke. Matt won 3 of the 4 and I was truly disappointed in my performance. However, the next day, I went home sick from work with swine flu… clearly that explains my weak performance the day before. Again, I think a re-match is in order.

So while I love Matt and support him in all that he does, I certainly don’t like losing to him. I hope that as our relationship continues, we never stop racing or challenging ourselves to be better as individuals and ultimately, to be better together.

So while I am extremely proud of Matt and the results he posted yesterday, I am also very excited for next year. Hopefully, we both get the opportunity to compete in the race and I end up on top ;)

4 thoughts on “I Love My Triathlete!

    1. I remember I crushed you the first 50 times we played and then one time we went on a double date with Abby and her boyfriend and we played as teams, boys vs girls, and you won. Probably only because Abby’s boyfriend carried the team.

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