Checking off my Checklist

As I have previously written about, I love checklists. I think it is because, not only does it help keep me organized, but it also allows me to feel a sense of accomplishment when I cross things off the list. Sometimes I find myself adding things to my “to-do” lists even after I have completed them, just so that I can cross them off and document my progress.

In order to keep Matt and I organized for the wedding, I created a checklist of “things to do” and posted it on a bulletin board over my craft area. Even though we have 11 months until the big day still, we have made a lot of progress in the plans. Unfortunately, the checklist doesn’t show that.

While we have picked our venue, our band, and this weekend I bought a dress, all of these things have yet to be checked off our list. Matt has graciously offered to take a black sharpie and cross things off, but I have refused to let him do so.

Let me start my explanation by saying, I know, I am craz; I’m not even going to try to deny it. My rationale for not checking things off my list (a task that I typically LOVE to do) isn’t very reasonable. Basically, I haven’t figured out how I want to do it. I spent time putting the checklist together and think it looks “cute” (really, can a checklist look cute?) and I don’t want to just start drawing lines through things and ruin it (I KNOW, I am crazy). So until I figure that out, our checklist sits waiting for things to be checked off.

My Dad suggested that I add another item to my checklist: “Decide how to cross things off my checklist.” God, he really is so smart!

5 thoughts on “Checking off my Checklist

  1. I went to to Michaels yesterday to look for black checkmark stickers for you….I couldn’t find any! :-(

  2. don’t worry everyone, i solved the problem, today when molly left for work i took a marker to it and checked everything off :)

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