My Webmaster

In 2005,  I got the idea in my head that I should start my own company. Armed with my sewing machine and yards and yard of grosgrain ribbon, I started upon the journey now known as “Prep By Molly.”

I turned my parents’ basement into a sweat shop and spent all hours of the day (and night) sewing belts, watches, dog collars, and bags. I would sell these preppy creations to my mother’s friends, my team mates and of course, my sister (who was a frequent buyer). I didn’t create the booming business that I dreamed about, but it was fun and kept me busy (which is hard to do in Bedford, NH).

I soon took my business to the internet and created a website to support the “countless” shoppers that I anticipated.  I my mind, I would be the next J.Crew! I set up a photo shoot in the basement by draping a white bed sheet over our ping-pong table, and started taking pictures of all of my merchandise. After that point, I was stuck. I knew what I wanted my website to look like, but I had no idea how to actually create it. I needed to enlist the help of a “webmaster.”

Thankfully, I found someone who was exactly what I needed. He had the skills to create a basic html website, was used to me ordering him around, and was the right price (free!). Matt”happily” took on the role. As my own personal webmaster, Matt spent a number of weekends creating page after page of brightly colored accessories. At the end of it all, I think I received 5 orders via email. All of the other ones continued to be people who I interacted with face-to-face. While Matt’s efforts didn’t actually pay off, I loved having my own website, and even more, I loved having my own Webmaster!

Sadly, Prep by Molly is only a distance memory, as is the website.

When Matt and I got engaged, I decided that he should be given a few “wedding responsibilities” so that he could feel involved. I tasked him with finding a band and setting up our “wedding website.” Now that our band is signed off on, the role of webmaster has returned!

If anyone has any suggestions for templates or sites that we should look into, let us know! Or should I say, please let me webmaster know.