Dorks in Love

When I was younger I thought the best thing about getting married would be picking out a giant princess dress, wearing a sparkly ring or getting to taste all different kinds of wedding cake for free! I certainly hoped that I would marry someone like Prince Eric from the Little Mermaid, but that was clearly not the focus of my big white wedding fantasy. Now that this fantasy is coming true all of the details, from picking out a dress, finding a band that isn’t lame and chosing a wedding venue, seem much less fun than I originally anticipated. Thankfully, throughout this process, I am able to focus on the person that I am marrying… not all of the stressful details. I consider myself extremely lucky to have found someone who isn’t afraid of doing things, that may makes himself look dorky, if it makes me smile.

Below is the gchat conversation that Matt and I had this morning:

While our wedding is over a year away, I can not wait!

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