Wedding Show Crashers

This past weekend, my mom, Abby and I went to a wedding show at the place that Matt and I will be getting married next summer. I wasn’t sure what I was going to be getting myself into, but it turned out to be a worthwhile event.

Caterers, florists, photographers, lighting specialists and some musicians came together to provide a sort of “one stop shopping” for people interested in hosting their wedding at the venue. They all brought samples of their work and set up various displays throughout the building. While I didn’t make any “wedding decisions” I certainly ate my fair share of the food and cake that was provided by the caterers and bakeries. The tickets to the event were 7 dollars, which was a great deal considering all of the offering available. Typically I spend 7 – 10 dollars on lunch every day and nearly 20-25 dollars on dinners. Abby and I decided that we are going to look for wedding shows in New York and use these to feed ourselves for the next few months. Who cares about planning a wedding, it is all about survival!