I Love NYC (in the Spring Time)

When people visit New York they take the ferry to the Statue of Liberty, ride the elevators up the top of Empire State Building, walk on Wall Street and see the Bull statue, or visit one of the many renowned museums. They see a show on Broadway or eat at an acclaimed restaurant. There are certainly a lot of experiences to write home about in New York; however, sometimes, it is the little things that most people who live in New York enjoy the most.

Today is the last day in March. It has been rainy and gross for the majority of the month which are the days where, “it sucks to live in New York,” to quote my sister. But today, the temperature hit 55 degrees and by the afternoon the sun was shining down on the city.

After an uneventful day at work, I came home and found the motivation to put on my workout clothes and lace up my running shoes. With my iPod set to repeat on my all Miley playlist, I ran out of my building and down to the park. All of the recent wedding stress that I have been feeling disappeared as I practically skipped down the road that runs through the park.

Although I ended the run red faced with blisters in my feet, it is times like this that make me love my life.

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