You’re Fired

When I was 10 years old, I participated in a week-long pottery camp where I made a whole range of pieces of art (I use that word loosely) that I gave away as gifts to family members for Christmas. I remember making my father a clay tennis shoe, my sister got a piece of Birthday cake, my grandparents received a figure of a mounted fish, and my mother was the lucky recipient of a frog sitting on a lily pad. At the time, I was incredibly impressed with my sculpting and painting abilities and thought that my family was extremely luck to receive this gifts. Over the years, these sculptures have withstood time and moves, and are still on display around the house.

Since that time, I have continued to foster my love of clay and pottery. In high school I took a pottery class and I now frequent paint your own pottery stores. I have visited many locations over the years and found none better than “You’re Fired” in Bedford, NH. They have the best selection of pieces, have all sorts of various tools and can teach you new techniques to create wonderful works of art. Yesterday, my sister and I went to You’re Fired for 2 hours where I created a plate using 2 new techniques. First, I created a splatter effect by dipping a tooth-brush in paint and then pushing against the bristles. Next, I used a variety of shades of paint and put layers of stamps on the plate. I wish I could take credit for the ingenious design, but there was a sample piece that had used these techniques. If mine looks 1/2 as good as the pieces in the front display window, I will be psyched.

While the actual act of painting pottery was extremely therapeutic, the act of waiting one week for my finished product will be painful. Look for a picture of my plate next week!