Text Me

I remember the first time I ever saw a cell phone. At that time, they were called car phones, came in a bag and required that a spiral antenna be placed atop your car. They were not very common and I used to think that I was so cool when my dad let me call my mother to tell her that we were on our way home from swim practice.

One year, after my sister had turned 16 and got her driver’s licence, I approached my dad about buying her a cell phone as a Christmas present. It was a really big deal and an ever bigger phone. It was probably 12 inches long, 3 inches wide and it most certainly DID NOT flip, text or email. The phone lasted all through my sisters high school career and, like much in my life as a little sister, became a hand-me-down for me. I used this phone for an additional 2 years until I got a new one for my Birthday Senior year of high school.

I now have an iPhone where I can make calls, text, email, go online, watch videos and listen to music. We all know just how far technology has come and how much of a part of our lives it has become. That being said, I am still always fascinated when I see children leaving my school, who immediately whip out their phones and start texting and making calls. I think to myself “who could these kids be talking to?” They are at school with their friends, or just left them 2 minutes ago, and most of the time they are being picked up by their parents. At the age of 27, basically the only people who I call or text are my parents, my sister and Matt. How is it, that these 5 year olds are more connected than I am?

Last night I received a text from an unknown number. It was a 603 area code so I knew it was from New Hampshire, my hometown state, but I couldn’t immediately figure out who it was from. Here is what it said: “Hi Molly! I heard you were coming to town.. we can’t wait to see you!!!!” and it was signed by my next door neighbor. This is my next door neighbor, who I taught in my Kindergarten class and is now 11 years old. This is the same neighbor who emailed, from her own email account, at the age of 7 BEFORE she went to school in the mornings.

While this makes me feel incredibly old, I can’t hide my excitement to go home and have a play date with my neighbor. Thank goodness for cell phones, texting and extremely connected children. Soon enough, there will be an iPhone app for play dates.

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