Man’s Best Friend

My parents got a dog shortly after they were married. Like most couples, the dog served as practice for when they had kids. I am pretty certain that if they had not had a dog first, my sister  and I would have been pretty messed up.

Not only did my dog eat my Halloween candy two years in a row, but she also ate an entire box of chocolate bars that we were supposed to sell to raise money for our swim team. She happily ate candy bar after candy bar without a care in the world, and more impressively, without any sort of repercussions. Everyone knows that chocolate is deadly for dogs, but apparently, not for Traveler.

One night, before Abby and I were born, my parents had a party. Since Traveler was a pretty wild dog, they decided to put her in the basement for the duration of the party. Afterwards, they let her out and noticed that she was acting sort of strange. She was walking around really slowly and had a glazed-over look on her face. They went down into the basement to see if anything was out of place and realized what was wrong. All of the extra drinks had been stored in the basement along with Traveler and they noticed teeth marks in all of the beer cans. Not only that, but the soda cans were left untouched. Thankfully, by the time Abby and I were born, my parents had learned that they shouldn’t lock us in the basement with a bunch of bud lights.

For years, using stories like these, I have been trying to convince Matt that we should get a dog. His excuse has always been, “I’m allergic.” After showing him this video, I may have finally convinced him…

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